Who is an amateur radio operator? This is a burning question in my mind. I can say that what I have encountered as an amateur radio operator has been somewhat of a disillusion by some of the other operators I have known and now no longer call friends. It seems to me that amateur radio operators come from “ALL” walks of life. There are several different types out there and for the most part are all good. Except we do have to deal with those out there that feel they are better than everyone else and don’t have, or will give you the time of day. So it’s a far cry from being a hobby that is willing to accept us all as we are and dismiss the fact that we are not all the same. I have talked to several folks from around the US and most are quite friendly to a stranger. If your in a strange town because your a amateur radio operator your one of them, no matter what! But then we have the other side of the coin that has to label those of us that don’t fit the “NORMAL” kind of operator. We may lack a bit of education and don’t have a degree for one thing or another. But we do try to get along with most everybody from the start. I myself have been labeled by someone that feels he’s better than most of us and he’s really happy when he’s putting you down. I’m not going to mention any names, but for the most part you’d be surprised to find out who it is. My first label or title I was given from him was because of my writing skills. He said that he finds them “Deplorable”. Well again I do the best that I’m able and leave it at that. He feels that all should bend and flow with the wave he creates, no matter who or what it might hurt. I got to admit he’s quite a silver tongued person. If the words don’t suit him he’ll twist them to make himself look good at any cost. He’s made quite a list of friends that have grown to know him well and seem to put up with his abuse. If he’s not in control he’s not happy and will darn sure tell you how much he’s discontented by it. For the most part we all put our feet through our pant legs the same way as he does. Well my friends I have to admit that when I’m on the radio the color or creed doesn’t matter and I try to be friendly to all. You might be a Professional at your career or you might be a Blue collar worker it doesn’t need to make a difference what your work is or who you are, we all the same behind a microphone and that’s the way it should be. Oh yeah I have forgot to mention my latest label from him that has arrived the other day. I am now known as a “TWIT” he’s got a Twit filter on his computer to avoid messages from the likes of me being passed on to him for his reading pleasure. This great hobby of our’s needs to be revamped so as we can create a License class for “TWITS”. That would give me very few privileges and no frequencies to talk on as well. Thus eliminating several of us that are amateur radio operators out there for him to deal with. This is a truely great hobby, we have 5 License Classes to earn our privileges from, and also a filtering device known as “CW” to conquer to earn our “HF” privileges. So now that I have voiced my opinion I get yet another label to add to my list from him. Now I’m a “Wannabe-ham” a “No-Code Cry Baby”. Imagine that, so if you need to address me I guess I’m officially a “Deplorable Wannabe-Ham Twit Cry Baby”. What a title to have! Your friend……….73……….TTUL………..Jimmie Giles Jr. “N9VXQ”