What Is Ham Radio…..?



Talk to your friends and neighbors, or the world, from your own Amateur Radio station. Set it up in your car, your home, on a camping trip, almost anywhere!


Use your home computer to talk, and exchange programs and messages with other hams on packet radio networks!


Keep in touch with old friends and make new ones on repeaters that let you communicate 50 miles or more using low-power hand-held radios!


Use orbitng satellites to talk to other hams all over the world , on voice and through your computer! Talk to astronauts as they orbit the Earth!

Public Service

Provide communications for marathons, bike races and parades. Also during emergencies like earthquakes, floods, blizzards and tornadoes!


Build and try out your own radio antennas and equipment. Enter ham radio operating contests and qualify for awards!

For You!

Join more than two million hams around the world in the exciting hobby of Amateur Radio communications!