A Lighter Side Of Ham Radio


Top Ten Reasons To Be A Ham Radio Operator

 #10. You get to buy all that "COOL RADIO" gear.

 # 9. You can buy a vanity plate for your car cheap.

 # 8. You can take your "extra radio gear" to hamfests and sell it cheap.

 # 7. You get to have the tallest tower(s) in the neighborhood.

 # 6. You can finally own a soldering iron.

 # 5. You can go to hamfests to win the door prize.

 # 4. You get to send out those cool looking QSL cards.

 # 3. You get to finally hang something on the wall (FCC License) at home.

 # 2. You can get one of those cool hats with your callsign on it.

 # 1. Your friends ask you what your callsign means.



You Might Be A Ham Radio Operator If:

 # 1. You have more antennas than your local cable company does.

 # 2. Birds avoid flying over your yard because of your antenna farm obstacle course.

 # 3. Your HF longwire antenna is about the same length or longer than the entire
         cable tv network for your town.

 # 4. When your neighbors walk out and look at your antennas and just shake their heads.

 # 5. Instead of watching tv on Monday nights your filling out QSL cards
         for last weekends contacts.

 # 6. Your "XYL" has to keep asking you to shut down your radios and come to bed.

 # 7. Your "XYL" has to wake you up because your calling out
 "CQ , CQ , (callsign )" in your sleep.

 # 8. Your the winner for hamfests attendance in your area.

 # 9. Your car looks like a rolling porcupine.

 #10. Your friends stop by to visit and they have to come back to your
          radio shack to see you.

 #11. You have cable tv channel 18 blocked out of your tv remote program.

 #12. Your bookshelf is full of Amateur Radio stores catalogs.

 #13. Your backup power system is bigger and better than the local hospitals.

 #14. When you key your radio up it trips the circuit breaker in your breaker box.